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CCN top high end upgrade CCN top high end upgrade after 120991632 after 120991633 After 119341445 After work completed 119341444 After 119341446 2/23 re-tone sand , re-top coat first clear coat 117965869 2/23 re-tone sand , re-top coat first clear coat 117965868 final wet sand and buff 2/19 one low spot must re-coat one more time and repeat final steps. 117777161 coat 9 satin note satin is used for the bull nose to blend into desk sides. the surface of the top will be 1000, 1200, 1500 wet sanded and compound buffed for a mirror top finish 115641837 coat 9 satin finish is uniform but needs one more coat to complete the leveling process. 115641838 coat 9 satin color is spot on, for a uniform look when attached to the body of the desk 115641839 coat 9 satin 115641840 coat 9 satin color will slightly lighten after final buff out, this allows more light to penetrate finish and appear brighter as well as bursting the color 115641841 coat 9 satin 115641842 coat 9 satin 115641843 wet sand between coats 4 through 10 115641836 coat 5 with pigment and toner coat 6,7,8 light toner for a rich depth 115641844 coat 3 115641845 before note top appears lighter than the surrounding pieces, part due to UV fade and standard staining with no toner to pull the top and sides together. Note existing top coat is open grain in spots and far from level. 115646584 before 115646585 before 115646586 before 115646587 before note the open grain and rippled finish 115649466 semi open grain 90% of top 115649613